It is time for the Trump TV network to launch and for their star to exit stage right.

Here we are three weeks since the November 3rd 2020 Elections and after a bit of a cliffhanger for a while as all the votes were counted Joe Biden will be our 46th president on January 20, 2021. Meanwhile, even though he knows it is over at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. somewhere in the White House President Donald Trump is looking for another ending where he doesn’t lose.

Prior to winning the 2016 election and moving into the White House Trump’s main job was that of a television producer and star. In TV land you can craft your own endings and it does not have to be grounded in any type of reality.

So Trump needs drama and that means forget the ending where he loses and embrace the new one where the “2020 Election was the biggest political con job of all time.” He didn’t really lose, it was the Democrats, displaced never Trump Republicans and the Deep State that stole the election.  

New ending in place the drama needs to build so Trump never concedes defeat instead he goes on a sue the world and he continues to sows the seeds of doubt that the very cornerstone of democracy, the vote of the American people is broken.

Who cares if for the first time in U.S. people think that we now conduct bogus elections, come on folks we are making good TV here!

For a brief comic interlude Trump hires everyone’s favorite TV lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who has not actually argued a case in a courtroom in 28 years, but hey no worries even if it costing President Trump about $20,000 a week. Thus far we have Team Trump after 23 legal case and more in the pipeline standing at a 1 win and 22 losses.

Today is the deadline for any candidate who wants to have a recount in the state of Wisconsin to send the state a check for $8 million to pay for the process to begin. At this point it does not look like anyone in Team Trump is willing to pony up the cash so, there will be no recount in the Badger State.

How about proving massive voter fraud for a bit of drama?

At this point President Trump has lost major cases in every battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. His option to get a couple of cases to the Supreme Court where they would declare the election invalid and give Trump a second term seems all but gone.

One last dramatic touch could come December 14, 2020 when each state and the District of Columbia meet to cast their votes in the Electoral College.

The last hope that President Trump can hold power would require the state houses of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to forget totally about Biden winning their state and appoint their own group of electors. Those representatives would vote for President Trump despite the voters choosing Biden and give Trump a second term.

That my friends would be drama, but it would also mark the end of our democratic process and we would become a Banana Republic if those state leaders would go that far to back President Trump. However, for that whole crazy, but legal scheme to work there has to be that pesky thing that Team Trump can’t seem to locate—yes evidence.

Again say it with me there is no evidence of systemic fraud of wrongdoing in any state and Biden’s commanding margins in these places make it clear that the states have in fact made a choice no state legislature no matter how loyal a supporter of President Trump could change the states representatives and so Biden wins in the Electoral College in December.

But then Trump maintains that the election was rigged, which he has been saying for months, he doesn’t concede, he announces that he running in 2024 and on January 20th as Joe Biden is being sworn into office then former President Trump will be in Florida playing golf.

In the end Trump wins, he has cast doubt among his base that Biden is the real President of the United States, his TV network is ready to rock likely in February or March, he keeps the fund raising going and he trolls both the Democrats as well as the Republicans. He tours the country on the Second Term Tour doing rallies and cashing checks from those millions of voters who subscribe to Trump News Network at $6 dollars a month.

Ladies and gentlemen – the P.T. Barnum of the 21st Century former President Donald Trump is about to begin his second act and it will likely be more interesting than the first.