Guide to sports betting in Florida

Currently, it is illegal to put bets on sports offline or online in the Sunshine State, but that may soon change given the state’s progressive political trend.

In June 2021, the Florida Senate passed a new gambling agreement involving the Seminoles Tribe of Florida and the statewide senate. A government assessment of this agreement is scheduled this year, and it may potentially encounter legal issues shortly owing to uncertainties about the scope of smartphone sports gambling under ’s gambling legislation.

When it comes to allowing wagering, the state of Florida has a distinct advantage. Several states promptly authorized sports betting following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in June 2018 to repeal the PASPA.

So far, Florida hasn’t been one of those states.

Does the Sunshine State allow sports betting?

State law currently prohibits sports wagering in the state of Florida. This restriction does not apply to horse race betting at the racetrack. If you live in Florida and want to wager on your beloved sports, your only option is to join an overseas bookmaker that accepts players from your state. The easiest way to gamble on sports in Florida is through an international supplier, say, industry insiders. It is legal to use services provided by offshore bookmakers in Florida since they are based in places where sports betting is completely legal. There are many worldwide sportsbooks to choose from, but you should spend some time learning about them before signing up with any of these. Experts in the sports betting sector recommend taking a look at the guide comprised by Sportslens, providing unbiased reviews of Florida sportsbooks by top experts in order to make your life easier when searching for a bookie in the Sunshine state

More about offshore providers in Florida

Even though sports gambling is illegal in Florida, there is currently a broad choice of sportsbooks throughout the world that can accept players from the state. Overseas bookmakers promote in the U.S.A for a variety of reasons. When betting is outlawed in a state, consumers might utilize overseas bookies that are licensed in a separate country so that they are not disrupting the legal system. Since there are hundreds of foreign betting firms available to Floridians, they must rely on reliable and professional information sources that can clarify all you need to understand about sports wagering in The Sunshine State and help you pick the best provider.

Consequently, in recent years, the number of foreign bookies operating out of Florida has expanded considerably. With so many different bookmakers out there, it may be tough to find reliable information about them and indicators of various chances and bonuses, and the reliability of their services.

All major sporting events will have a variety of special offers and different wagering specials available at various bookies.

Online Sports Gambling in Florida: A Brief History

The restrictions governing sports gambling in Florida haven’t altered much in the previous half-century or so.

Sports wagering legislation in the United States has undergone several changes throughout the years. The Federal Wire Act was passed by the US government in the early 1960s to tackle criminal organizations and mob-related activities.

Because of this, it would only serve to further stifle legitimate trade and commerce, much as the ban of alcoholic beverages.

It took until 1991, when PASPA was first proposed, for the authenticity of American sports to be protected by making wagering on games illegal outside of Nevada, for  PASPA. Sports gambling was illegal in America until the computer made it feasible for overseas bookmakers to provide their operations to American players via the internet.

There hasn’t been a legal sports wagering market in the United States since then, and that’s costing the country a lot of money. Americans gamble billions of dollars each year on sports in Vegas and on off-shore sportsbooks. There is certainly a tremendous demand for it.

Sports gambling has never been authorized in Florida, which is unusual given the state’s strong wagering tradition.

Despite the fact that racecourses and casinos may be found all around the state, neither one provides legal sports betting. Horse riding and the game of jai alai are the closest things that Floridians may wager on, and both have been famous and allowed since the mid-1970s. Proposition 13 was passed in 2019 and made dog racing banned.

Sports gamblers have no choice but to use one of a number of unlawful offshore methods to put bets on games.

Online Sports Gambling in Florida: Where Does It Go From Here?

The proposed state agreement with the Seminoles Tribe, signed in May of that year, is likely to be approved by the federal government by the middle to end of 2022. For a long time, there have been exclusions for tribal casinos’ casino games (including craps and blackjack), which necessitated approaching the tribes’ interests.

Finally, those who are facilitating this arrangement must join together with those in the province who believe that this agreement ought to be put to a vote of the people. Whether or not tribes can allow mobile sports gambling outside of reserve territory must also be addressed.

The Hard Rock Sportsbook will, however, be a major player in all future sports gambling activities once those disputes are settled. The Seminoles Tribe now operates six major casinos in the Sunshine State where visitors may make wagers.