Global Eco Army needs soldiers are you ready to join?

Who: Global Eco Army                           

What: Global Eco Army 2nd Year Anniversary on Valentine’s Day

Why: On Valentine’s Day, Global Eco Army and Global Eco Navy will be Celebrating the excellent service to our Planet by 1,000 Eco Soldiers and Eco-Marines Worldwide in 4 Continents who planted trees and conducted cleanups in Ukraine, Burundi, Colombia and USA. Global Eco Army along with other Non-Profits Worldwide gathered On Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Angel Day, and Tree Planting Day in 2021. The Non-Profits that joined on the important mission were Constitutional and Legal Congress and International Anti-Criminal Alliance in Ukraine, Greening Burundi and Youth Committed to Environmental Advocacy in Burundi, Africa and Gimnasio Del Norte High-School in Bogota, Colombia. As of February, 2022, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and Kenya are additional countries looking forward to joining Global Eco Army, Navy and Air Force to help reverse our Planet’s pollution by Land, Air and Sea.

When: Monday, February 14th, 20223:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Where: Wells Fargo Building in Downtown Tampa at Fresh Life & Co located at 100 S. Ashley Dr. Suite 220 Tampa, Fl 33602.

Note: Tickets will include Dinner and 1 glass of Champagne along with gift bags. Global Eco Army is honored to have Live Music Entertainment with International Violinist Susana Szakacs and Guitarist and Composer Charles Calandra.

Raffle items will be available with a $25 raffle ticket purchase to assist on the fundraising goals for the charity. Raffle items will include a $100 Fresh Market Gift Basket, 2 $100 Gift Cards from Capital Grill Restaurant, 1 $100 Gift Card from Donatello Italian Restaurant and more. Ocean Prime Restaurant is the Event’s proud Champagne Sponsor.

Who Should Attend?

  • If you want to join 7 billion other people to make a collective impact in the World in one day, this is the place to be. We master at turning our Planet around and reversing water, air, and soil pollution Worldwide in the fastest and most effective way possible.
  • If you would like to help us be the matchmaker of high-end products, technologies, services, AND funds that scaled up can change the World, come on over and join us. Multi-Million and Multi-Billion Dollar Technologies are waiting to be matched with the right companies to help SAVE THE WORLD. The right technologies with the right funds needed for deployment become soulmates giving birth to a cleaner, greener, and polluted-free PLANET for all.
  • If you want to meet like-minded individuals and exchange eco-friendly business ideas or hobbies, you will be at the right place.
  • If you have an eco-friendly business and would love to showcase your product or service to the World, let us help you. It is our passion to be the matchmaker of eco-friendly companies and eco-friendly customers.
  • If you are a couple and want to meet other couples that want to provide a greener future to their family, you will be able to interact and foster relationships with people in the community with similar values as you.
  • If you are part of the Local, State or, Federal Government and would like to showcase Environmentally Friendly practices taken by your City and State to help SAVE the Environment by Land, Air, and Sea, we would love to have the honor and privilege to showcase your initiatives to the World for others to follow your great example.
  • If you are single and want to meet your eco-friendly soulmate, he or she will be here.

The entire World is our guest, Global Eco Army is the most efficient and innovative system where all can exchange great eco-friendly ideas, innovate the World we live in, and meet the most amazing people on the Planet that are inspired, forward thinkers, unique, unafraid to solve the World’s greatest existential issues affecting all, but most important of all eager and willing to take action and make their dreams come true individually and collectively.

If you wish to get involved in this beautiful charitable cause to help preserve Mother Nature in any capacity as volunteer, sponsor or, donor feel free to visit

TICKETS: $100 per Guest and $150 per 2 Guests (Save 25%) Get tickets today! Only available via Global Eco Army website on the event section at GlobalEcoArmy.Org. No day of event sales.

For sponsorship options, or any inquiries please contact

Global Eco Army and Global Eco Air Force Goal is to plant 8 Billion Trees Worldwide and Global Eco Navy Goal is to remove 10% of Plastic Pollution Worldwide. We need the World to join us to achieve this important mission collectively with all the Countries united thriving together for a cleaner Environment by Land, Air and Sea. We must raise $30 Billion to start this ambitious mission.

LOVE is the INGREDIENT that bonds people together for a great cause for our Planet, says President & CEO, Alicia Valdes. Love is the foundation of all we do! The Love for Planet Earth makes us conscious beings who see the opportunity to help in any capacity we deem possible within our reach.

Global Eco Army, Navy and Air Force are the HEART, LUNGS and BRAIN of our Planet. These are the reasons why we need to raise $30 Billion Dollars to plant 8 billion trees Worldwide to start.

Amazon provided 40 employee volunteers to plant trees along with Global Eco Army on Plant A Tree Day and Holiday Fundraiser which took place on December 17, 2021. We are very thankful to Jeff Bezos for the initiative to SAVE OUR PLANET with Amazon employees in Tampa joining Global Eco Army’s ambitious goals to plant 8 billion trees Worldwide. Global Eco Army is very proud of the LOVE PRINT ON EARTH with AMAZON.

Our Planet Earth is facing many Environmental challenges, where not one Country or group of Countries could mitigate alone. We need a Global Eco Army, which has as main goal to seek the participation and involvement of each and every Country on the Planet without exception. Having all Countries participating in creating solutions to the problems we face today, we will all be able to take, the necessary actions to clean up our rivers, lakes, oceans, air and soil pollution. Global Eco Army solves the World’s greatest existential issues that had been affecting over 7 billion humans in the past 100 years.

President and CEO Alicia Valdes states: We are thrilled of the prospect of Celebrating such an important day for our Nonprofit Organization on Valentine’s Day. On our 2nd Year Anniversary is when we can take pride on our work SAVING OUR PLANET Worldwide.

Throughout the year we were very lucky and honored to have wonderful sponsors such as: Catania Media Consultants, Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay, Genesis Communication, UCP, Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, Channel 8 News, ABC Action News, Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend, Bloom,  Bay News 9, Home Depot, Lowe’s, iCustom, Target, Glenn Mitchell State Farm, The Solar Shade, W05, Amazon, Sign Solutions, Zewan, Solar Source, La Rosa Realty, Carja Construction, AG Supercars, WTS Dynamics, The Fresh Market, The Guardian Accounting Group, Capital School, Sky Art, Pinzon Vision Media, John Kantor Photography, Worry Free Marketing, Epic Fundraising Events, Raramuri Ventures, Poolside Friendly Fun Fashion, Red Tree Landscape Systems, Lance Waller, John Kantor Photography, Alexa Model & Talent, The American Mermaid, Santana Logistics, Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, Festivals of Speed, Hobbs Chiropractic, Talk Yo Ishh, Clear Channel Outdoor, Supporting Water, WindJet, Fresh Life & Co, Tower Realty Partners, Achievers Business Academy, Lawyer Craig E. Rothburd PA, Attorney Keith A. Warshofsky, P.A, Dr. Francisco Arevalo Office, Ocean Prime Restaurant, Donatello Restaurant, Capital Grill Restaurant, International Violinist Susana Szakacs, Guitarist and Composer Charles Calandra, Rick Gilbert and 100+ more.