Genesis Communications, Gonzmart Family of Restaurants to Partner on a Fall Cancer Awareness and Testing Campaign

Tampa, FL: Genesis Communications Media and the Gonzmart Family of Restaurants announced today that they will begin a series of radio and video commercials to raise cancer awareness in September and October.

This campaign will feature Richard Gonzmart, who is a prostate cancer survivor, and Jan Berry, who is a breast cancer survivor, in the commercials.

The grand dining room at the Columbia in Ybor City.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The commercials will coincide with the American Cancer Society and the National Football League campaigns, and also will focus on testing.

“Our media partnership with the NFL is a very valuable commodity to utilize in bringing a message to both men and women on how important it is to get tested for these silent diseases,” said Bruce Maduri, CEO of Genesis Communications and United Cities Productions. “These public service announcements will air on our radio, (WWBA 820 AM – WHBO 1040 AM) digital, and video products throughout the months of September and October.”

Richard Gonzmart, 4th generation “caretaker” of the multiple Columbia Restaurants and other brands, said: “My bout with prostate cancer was an experience I would like to forget, but at least I am around to forget.

Did you know that one in six men and one in three Hispanic men, as well as one in three African American men, get prostate cancer? I do not want other men to suffer from this disease when, if diagnosed early, can be a relatively easy cure. Testing = Life.”

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a rigorous time with treatment and support from so many in the Tampa Bay area,” said Jan Berry, vice president of marketing at Genesis Communications and United Cities Productions. “I am thankful that I can now share my experience and urge other women to commit to getting tested regularly to catch this disease early,”

This campaign is being sponsored by Florida businesses.

For more information, contact Jan Berry at or at 813-250-3883