Florida Primary: Voters Decide

Florida Primary: What You Need To Know

It’s that time of year again and the Florida primary voting is in full swing. Today is the day where the people can start the process of getting their voices heard. With that being said, here’s what people need to know about when it comes primary voting and what they are voting on. From candidates to issues, News Talk Florida is here to present a ballot of what you can expect when you enter the polling booth.

Republican Senate Primary:


Remember Marco Rubio? The senator who fell who Donald Trump is now running a primary campaign to keep his seat. Rubio had said after he dropped out of the Republican primary that he wasn’t planning on running but like many things—he changed his mind.

He will be going up against Carlos Beruff who has spent nearly $8 million dollars of his own money in his first campaign. Going up against Rubio, who can’t be considered a true incumbent since he decided not to run, then run, and then back to not running is going to make this race a lot closer than some would expect.

Democratic Senate Race

On the Democratic side there is U.S. Reps Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson who are battling for the nomination. Murphy is backed by President Barack Obama as well as Joe Biden and Harry Reid but Grayson could be appealing as he isn’t afraid to break norms—something that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has used to help his rise. However, Grayson does have some issues. It was reported that he allegedly abused the mother of his children. Murphy isn’t pure as driven snow as there is some issue that he is riding his father’s coat tails for this election.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz

What can’t be said about Wasserman Shultz? After getting outed from the DNC, she is going to have a rough go in her first primary. The reason being is the email scandal did not help her at all. Those reports of her trying to rig the nomination process for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders is definitely going to play a role when voters take to the voting box. She has also been tied to big donors and Wall Street backers which is hurting her liberal stance. The other part is that Sanders has backed her opponent, Tim Canova, which led to a lot of outside donations.


Florida Voters

With Florida being one of the battleground states that can make or break an election, this year’s voting numbers are critical. Florida has nearly 12.4 million voters, including more than 4.4 million Republicans, 4.7 million Democrats and 2.9 million voters who aren’t registered with any party.


information from the Associated Press was used in this report. 

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