Florida International University plans to return to pre-pandemic scheduling for classes.

MIAMI (AP) — Florida International University plans to return to pre-pandemic scheduling, starting in the summer session, the school announced.

Since the global pandemic began, the Miami-based university has held classes either online or with social distancing measures in place. But with vaccinations underway, the university is ready to offer a “robust and safe on-campus experience for students,” Provost and Executive Vice President Kenneth Furton wrote email sent to students and faculty on Tuesday.

He said that if needed, the school would rescind its on-campus plans, the Miami Herald reported. He did not specifiy what changes in conditions would trigger a change of plans.

“Because of the fluid nature of the pandemic, we will remain flexible and agile,” Furton’s email said.

Starting this summer, the university will schedule all courses on the three modalities it used before the pandemic: fully online, fully in person, and hybrid, which is a mix of online and in person.

Other safety guidelines will stay in place, including masks, Plexiglass glass dividers, frequent hand-washing and cleaning, testing, and contact-tracing,spokeswoman Maydel Santana told the Herald.

“We will continue following CDC guidelines and the advice of our own Health Committee experts as things evolve,” she said.