Federal Workers In Florida Are Hoping There Is No Gov’t Shutdown

With no deal, in place, Florida’s large federal workforce is concerned about a shutdown

As of now, lawmakers in Washington are scrambling to find a way to pass a continuing resolution that would keep federal offices open nationwide as the midnight Friday deadline looms large. While both Republicans and Democrats try to figure out how to pass a bill to keep the lights on in Washington, over 82,915 federal workers in Florida are on the edge of their seats.

As of right now most of them would get an unwanted vacation without pay. It would be the first time since 2013 that would have happened.

What happens if there is a government shutdown?

Here is what you need to know –

If you are a member of the military you have been paid for January since you get checks on the 1st and the 15th of each month. So, the only way you would not get paid would be if a government shutdown would last past February 1st.

In an important point of clarification in a release to the media here is what the Pentagon.

“While active duty military personnel will continue going to work, most civilian Department of Defense employees not deemed essential would be furloughed, said Christopher Sherwood, a Pentagon spokesman.

So if you are a non-military worker who is employed by the government on a base you will likely not be paid. Because you are a non-essential worker.

The next item of concern to many Floridian’s deals with getting Social Security checks. Not to worry on that one because it is mandatory that checks be sent out no matter if Congress does or doesn’t pass a spending bill.

If you need government services for say getting a passport to travel outside the United States, then best to do it before Friday. If there is a shutdown passports offices would be closed.

As for air and rail travel in the Sunshine State you should be fine on that point. Air traffic controllers and Transportation Security Administration officials would remain on the job.

But keep in mind that it is VERY possible there could be some delays as “non-essential” employees are furloughed. You should also still be able to travel by train. Even though Amtrak depends on federal subsidies, it also gets revenue from ticket sales and has managed to stay open during past shutdowns.

On the question of National Parks, both in and outside the state of Florida will be closed if they are tax-payer funded parks. So, that could put a damper on some folks who might want to spend some quality time at one of the state’s many national parks.

If there is a shutdown be sure checkout the parks department website to get the most up to date information. https://www.nps.gov/state/fl/index.htm



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