Edmonton To Rebrand, Washington And Cleveland To Follow

The CFL team has seven options.

The rebranding of the Canadian Football League’s Edmonton franchise is continuing. The football team formerly known as the Eskimos will apparently keep the team logo which consists of a pair of Es side by side. There are seven names on the rebranding list, Elk, Elements, Eagles, Eclipse, Evergreens, Elkhounds and Evergolds. Edmonton football backers have been asked to complete a survey and rate the names from one to seven. It appears that the rebranding will be just of the name, not the logo or the team’s green and gold colors. The team does not have much time to get the new name into circulation for the upcoming campaign as the season is scheduled to start on June 10th if COVID-19 does not interfere. There was no 2020 CFL season because of the virus.

Edmonton is one of three North American sports businesses that is in the process of rebranding. Edmonton decided to rebrand on July 20th, 2020 because the Eskimos name is considered offensive to the Inuit First Nation people. Edmonton’s football team began using the name in 1949. It appears that there will be no new name for the National Football League’s Washington franchise in 2021. The franchise is known as the Washington Football Team. The NFL probably would have liked the brand issue settled so the new name and logo adorning merchandise would have been available to customers by training camp but the team is mired with other issues that could be slowing down the process. Major League Baseball’s Cleveland franchise will have a new brand name in 2022. The team was named Indians in 1915. Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo logo was created in 1947. The logo and the team name will become museum pieces. In college news, Valparaiso University dropped its Crusader mascot and logo last week.

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