Edmonton Now Has Its Version Of The Elks Club

Edmonton’s franchise is the first rebranded team.

The Canadian Football League’s Edmonton franchise has been rebranded. The team will now be known as the Edmonton Elks when the CFL season gets underway. It is still not clear when that will happen although there is an August 5th start date. But that date has not been set in stone because of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada. Edmonton dropped its old name, the Eskimos, because the name was considered offensive to many First Nations people in Canada. Edmonton is the first team to get a new name since owners started paying attention to the concerns of First Nation members and Native Americans. The National Football League’s Washington Football Team has not been rebranded after dropping its old name. The business did keep its colors and apparently will have the same colors with its new name. 

The Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team is finishing out the season with the name but there will be a name change prior to the 2022 season. It is worth noting that plans for the 2022 Major League Baseball season are being laid out now because sports business requires lead time to market products. There is a generic Cleveland jersey available in the Cleveland’s team store. The shirt is not a part of the uniform the team uses now. There have been more than 1,000 suggestions for a name. The Cleveland team was named the Indians in 1915. The team’s Chief Wahoo logo went into semi-retirement after the 2018 season. Since 2009, spring training baseball consumers in Arizona have not seen the logo out of respect to the state’s Native American population. In July 2018, the TOPPS trading card company announced it was dropping both Chief Wahoo and the Atlanta Braves screaming Indian or savage logos from cards the company was printing. The winds of change are in the air.

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