Daniel Snyder Is Looking To Build A New WFT Stadium

The NFL team owner is on a tour checking out state of the art facilities.

Sometimes in the sports world, it is worth checking out what TMZ sports is churning out. Last week, TMZ sports got a scoop. The NFL’s Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder, who rarely makes himself available for any media interviews, told TMZ sports that a new stadium for his team is coming. That is not new news as the franchise has been seeking public money for a stadium in the District, Maryland or Virginia. But TMZ got Snyder as he was checking out the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers Inglewood football facility. “We’re touring stadiums,” Snyder told TMZ. “We’re coming West Coast and touring. There’s about 12 of us and we’re just looking to build a new venue back home in D.C., Virginia, Maryland.” Snyder wants a new stadium in place by 2027 but he hasn’t exactly impressed politicians, who control things like government assistance from money handouts to tax breaks, with his want for a new stadium.

Snyder was working on getting a new Maryland stadium in 2018 but a land swap deal which would have allowed Snyder to build a stadium on Maryland land fell through. At the moment, the District cannot do anything for Snyder at the RFK stadium site because of various bureaucratic agreements. Virginia might have some interest in helping Snyder build a new stadium. But Snyder really has no option until someone in Maryland, the District or Virginia creates an option and then he might have a hope that the three areas get into a bidding war to lure his business. It is unknown whether Snyder would consider building a new place near the site of his present stadium in Landover, Maryland. A stadium takes about two to two and a half years to build so Snyder does not need to decide anything in the near future.

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