Cuban-born Miami mogul to raise funds to aid those in US illegally

MIAMI (AP) — A Cuban-born health care magnate is setting up a fundraising group in Florida to increase legal help of immigrants in the country illegally.

Longtime Republican donor Mike Fernandez is giving $1 million to non-profit organizations that provide pro bono services to people facing deportation.

Fernandez backed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and separately launched a personal campaign against President Donald Trump before donating to Democratic groups to help Hillary Clinton.

Fernandez said Thursday the Immigration Partnership and Coalition is meant to help those “who are being trampled on.” The Trump administration has toughened immigration enforcement.

The 64-year-old listed the support of celebrities such as music producer Emilio Estefan and actor Andy Garcia. Board and steering committee members vowing to attract donations include university presidents and law firm and investment executives.