Central Florida Stalking Case Ends Predictably in Murder-Suicide

Osceola County courthouse records show in frightening detail just how unhinged and obsessed a 20 year old man had become over his ex-girlfriend, and how likely it was that he would harm her and their 15 month old.

In an affidavit seeking and receiving a domestic violence injunction, 18 year old Larissa Barros tells how Kai Williams had abused, threatened, and followed her for months.

Barros tells how Williams slashed her tires in the Liberty High School parking lot one day, and set fire to the vehicle the next.
“For almost two years, my life has been made miserable by Kai Williams,” Barros said in court records “Kai has been unstable and jealous. I am afraid he will hurt me or my child if he gets the opportunity.”

That prediction became partly reality, when police say Williams broke into Barros’ Blackpool Way home in Poinciana and shot her to death.

When confronted by police a few blocks away, Williams turned the gun on himself.

Larissa Barros was set to graduate from high school in two weeks.