All Time Film Classics

The way films are made nowadays increases the number of films in the industry rapidly. More importantly, filmmakers are going for quantity instead of quality. That’s why you can always rely on the classics and you won’t be disappointed.

They might have come out a long time ago, but these films are cinema at their peak. They will entertain you until the credits start rolling and you’ll be wanting to watch them again and again. Here are some all-time classic films for you to enjoy:

The Godfather Duology

When it comes to classics, you can’t mention one of the Godfather films. That’s why both of them are on this list. The first one starts with an older Vito Corleone and the things have to deal with as head of the Corleone crime family. He’s almost assassinated and he loses his eldest son in the feud, only for his youngest son Michael to take the top spot in the family.

Michael decided to move the family to Nevada and into the casino business. Vegas is still the shining beacon of the casino industry although it’s mostly online. Casino enthusiasts can find sites like Novibet casino online and enjoy the variety of games they have to offer. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Michael makes his move to Nevada, but he deals with the other crime families first. In the sequel, he’s seen as the head of the family and the things he has to do to keep his family in order. He’s almost ratted out and his criminal life takes a toll on his personal life as his wife leaves him. The film clearly shows how that life can impact a man’s psyche and why Michael is forced to become the man he is at the end. There’s a third Godfather movie, but it was a cash-grab attempt at the franchise.

Fight Club

If you’ve ever needed a film to tell you the hard truth about life, then you’ve got to see Fight Club. The Narrator is the main character and is played by Edward Norton. He’s an insurance office worker and he’s stuck in a dead-end job. Once he meets Tyler, his life starts getting interesting as his views on life are changed. He founds a club you can’t talk about and takes on the world around him. This brutal and brilliant film is a classic by all standards.

The Truman Show

Imagine if your life was a TV show. Jim Carrey takes on the role of Truman Burbank, the first human to be owned by a corporation and his life has been documented from day one. In other words, his life is a popular TV show and everyone involved in it seems to know it but him. However, things start changing when Truman notices that certain things just don’t make any sense. When he starts to see the difference between the real world and fiction, he decides to take matters into his own hands.