A letter to the Glazer family: Time to offer Tom Brady an ownership stake in the Buccaneers. It is smart business.

A letter to the Buccaneers about the future of the franchise and Tom Brady

January 30, 2022

Bryan Glazer Joel Glazer Edward Glazer

1 Buccaneer Place

Tampa, FL 33607

Dear Gentlemen,

I am writing you this letter to humbly suggest that in the best interest of the team, the community, the fan base and yes, the future of the franchise that you offer Tom Brady a ownership state in the Buccaneers. It would be a smart business move for you because you could assure that he would be the face of the franchise and part of the management team that would keep the upward trajectory of the Buccaneers going even after Brady retires.

Reports are swirling like the winds before a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico that Brady is about retire it is time to think long term. Brady himself reached out to General Manager Jason Licht saying that he has not yet made up his mind so there is time to start getting your future in order.

I know that you don’t want the Buccaneers relationship to end with him walking off the field at Raymond James Stadium a week ago after that gut wrenching 30-27 loss to the Rams that denied the team a chance to defend their NFC Championship at home.  

Athletes like Brady and Peyton Manning are not interested in retiring and heading to the broadcast booth they want to be part owners and shape the future of the league. Manning as I am sure you know is in a battle with John Elway to win ownership of the Denver Broncos.

Look at the deal the Marlins did with Derek Jeter who owns four percent of the team with a chance to own more of the Miami franchise if they can increase their win total directly with Jeter’s help. Jeter has the title of CEO of Baseball Operations, and he oversees the makeup of the team.

I would suggest that Brady for the Buccaneers is worth more than Jeter is to the Marlins but the amount of ownership you choose to offer him is of course your choice not mine.

Having Brady as the team president along with his former teammate and friend Jason Licht would be a solid duo leading the Buccaneers forward. The Brady-Licht team has proven over the last two years they can recruit free agents and add talent to the team while keeping an eye on the bottom-line while winning a Super Bowl and two straight trips to the NFL Playoffs.

So, with Brady as your President of football Operations you would show the sports world how serious the team is about winning and keeping the G.O.A.T. as part of the family. The buzz alone along with the business it could bring the team has to be well into the tens of millions.

Let’s look at the business side a little more prior to Brady signed with the team the franchise in 2019 was worth according to Forbes $2.2 billion dollars and since he came to Tampa Bay the value is now at $2.94 billion and could top the $3 billion mark when all revenue streams are counted.

Also, according to Forbes your Manchester United franchise is worth $3.81 billion. It is very possible that over time you might together own two sports teams worth over $7 billion dollars.

Brady has made it clear that he is wants to stay in the state as his new homebase. He and his wife Gisele Bündchen have reportedly paid $17 million for a home on Florida’s Indian Creek Island in Miami where they plan on building a new modern eco-friendly house.

So having a second home in the area would make sweeten the deal. Finally, gentlemen this is a time when you make Brady an offer he can’t refuse because the future of your franchise and the good will that you have built with your fanbase over the past two years warrants a move like I am suggesting.

Thank you for your time and consideration and have a wonderful off season.