2018 Congressional battle preview takes place today in Georgia

Georgia Congressional battle is big for both the Democrats and the Republicans

In the 6th Congressional District in Georgia the eyes of the political world are on a special race to replace Tom Price, who left the House to serve as President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. The seat, which is located in the suburbs of Atlanta, has been owned by Republican’s for years and now it is up for grabs with the Democrats hoping to send a message that the Trump administration is not meeting the needs of most American’s.

The hero if you are a Democrat is a very unlikely character, a 30-year-old documentary film maker named  He will be the winner over 10 other Republican and Democrats and unless he gets 50 percent of the vote, which is possible, then there will be a runoff election in June 20th.

The millennial, Ossoff is a graduate of Georgetown University and has been active in politics since high school. The Atlanta native worked for Civil Rights icon and Georgia Congressman John Lewis, who has endorsed him. He also worked for as a national security staffer and aide to Rep. Hank Johnson who represents Georgia’s 4th District. Johnson, has served as both a mentor and supporter of the young Ossoff.

This is a very Republican district but it should be noted that during the election Trump beat Hillary Clinton by only 1 point. The smallest margin a Republican Presidential candidate has won by since Jimmy Carter won back in 1976.

Meanwhile, Ossoff is the GOP’s greatest threat and he has raised a stunning $8.3 million. His top Republican challenger is Karen Handel, Georgia’s former secretary of state, and she has gotten about $2 million from the GOP nationally.

According to The Hill, The DCCC dispatched eight staffers to Georgia to build out what’s become a field team of more than 70 paid staffers. The House Democrats’ campaign wing has also made a handful of six-figure ad and mail buys looking to drum up turnout and push Ossoff to an outright victory in the primary. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez also recorded a robocall.

Ossoff has tried to walk a line between liberals looking for a chance to oppose Trump and Republicans who couldn’t support him in November. Ossoff pledges to fight Trump when he “embarrasses” the country. But he tells voters in one ad, “I’ll work with anybody in Washington who respects your tax dollars.”

Meanwhile, Handel is the leader among the Republican candidates trying to maintain some distance from Trump, rarely discussing him unless asked by the press. She has even gone as far to say that she is not going to Washington to work for President Trump, but to work for the people of the 6th District of Georgia.

If the Democrats can pull off a win in this win then that could give them a big boost for the 2018 mid-term elections. If the Republicans can hold on to the seat, then the House could be safe in 2018.

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