You Need Money To Buy An NFL Team

There are no teams on the market.

The start of the National Football League season is less than a month away and Forbes has come out with its annual assessment of what the 32 individual franchises are worth. Of course, the true value of a team is what an owner can get if that owner decides to sell the franchise and finds a willing buyer wanting to meet that price so the Forbes numbers really don’t mean anything. Individual NFL teams are worth billions of dollars and that is where Forbes is correct in its assessment. NFL team values skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic despite games being played before empty houses and then limited capacity stadiums in some instances in 2020. The reason for that is because TV executives showered the NFL with billions of dollars in exchange for the right to televise NFL games through 2033.

For what it is worth, and the Forbes assessment really isn’t anything more than an academic enterprise as no NFL team is on the market, Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys top the Forbes list. Hypothetically, Jerry Jones’s business is worth $6.5 billion. In 1989, Jones bought the franchise for an estimated $150 million. Robert Kraft’s Boston area based New England Patriots come in at $5 billion. The New York Giants franchise is third on that list at $4.85 billion. The Los Angeles Rams clock in at $4.8 billion. In fifth place is Daniel Snyder’s Washington team, a business plagued with accusations of bad management behavior and in need of a new stadium. But Snyder’s business is worth $4.2 billion. San Francisco, Chicago, the New York Jets, Philadelphia and Denver round out the top 10. The Buffalo Bills franchise is the least valuable of the 32 teams and that team is worth $2.27 billion.

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