AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Rejoice

The Walking Dead‘ Returns

Walking Dead

This week marks the return of AMC’s popular The Walking Dead season 5 premiere. According to the Liberty Voice, “The Walking Dead premiered on US television on October 31, 2010 and is now entering its fifth season. It was originally adapted from a comic book series and the television version has remained largely true to the original comic book story line.”

Entertainment Weekly described the season 5 premiere as,  “If you’re into The Walking Dead for all the face-eatin’, “No Sanctuary” provides a bounty of zombie attacks.”

Even the Hollywood Reporter said the season premiere was “an action-packed fifth-season premiere that was not only filled with blood, zombie guts and action but also two huge emotional gut-punches that truly illustrated what the show is at its core.”

Today it is not uncommon for popular shows such as The Walking Dead to trend on social media sites such as Twitter. Many fans tweeted about their reactions towards the season 5 premiere and here is what they had to say.