VH1’s Logo Receives “Face-Lift”

If VH1’s logo on social networks looks different to you, it’s because the TV network has given it a face-lift in a new multi-platform rebranding effort that was unveiled today.The plus sign was added into the well-known VH1 lettering, in part, to reflect the constant changes in the digital world.

“10 years ago, no one had ever heard of Justin Bieber, Mark Zuckerberg just entered Harvard, iPhones were five years away and hashtags didn’t exist,” VH1 President Tom Calderone says. “Our world has clearly changed, so we want to reflect those cultural and technological changes in each of the many ways that consumers now touch the VH1 brand.”

What do you think of the updated look to the brand? Love it or hate it?



For more on this visit http://mashable.com/2013/01/07/vh1-new-logo-plus-sign/