Twitter Reacts to Trending @Midnight Comedy Central Show

Latest Twitter Trend

Popular Comedy Central show called @Midnight is currently a buzzing trend through many social media outlets. The show describes itself as, “[The Host] Chris Hardwick leads three celebrity contestants down the ultimate Internet wormhole. Culling from the darkest recesses of social media, they compete to determine who will be the funniest person for the next twenty three and a half hours.”

Each episode the show has a segment called #HashtagWars which many who use Twitter will often notice these #hashtagwars will trend on until the morning. With the rise in popularity of social media, it is no wonder that @midnight is such a success with Twitter users. Currently, many fans of the show are participating in the most recent trend called #cheesesongs .

The video with the celebrity contestants can be seen below. Please be advised the video is NSFW.