My Top 5 Halloween Songs

Every Halloween, we prepare for the big night by setting up candy for the trick or treaters, preparing our costumes, and deciding what music to listen to in order to get into the Halloween spirit! Here is my top 5 list of some of the greatest Halloween songs to listen to.

5. “Heads Will Roll” By the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This band released this song back in 2009. However the band first got together in 2000, according to the New York Times. The song made some headlines when it appeared on the hit Fox TV series Glee (which I guess I better confess, that’s when I heard the song for the first time) in mash up with Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

4. Who are you gonna call? Yes, the classic Ghostbusters theme song from the 1984 film (and the movie’s 30th anniversary this year). The song has everything, ghosts, Bill Murray, and other quick appearances in the video by celebrities such as Chevy Chase. Whether you remember seeing the film in theaters or listening to it on cassette in the car with your parents, the song continues to remain a classic.

3. Let’s face it, the hit song the Monster Mash is definitely a Halloween classic. (Song begins at 0:52) According to Billboard, when the song was originally released in October 1962, the song was a huge hit. It eventually made the re-made the charts again in 1973.

2.  “It’s just a jump to the left.” The Time Warp from the classic 1975 film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. For those of you who are fans of this great sci-fi musical movie, hopefully you’re jamming to this already.

1. Let’s admit it, there should be no question why this is number 1 on my list. The music, the dance moves, and Jackson’s awesome singing voice. Just watch the video already!


Happy Halloween!