Taco Bell Presents the Waffle Taco: Make a Run for the Breakfast!

Remember when McDonald’s decided to make the bread encasing a McMuffin taste like maple, and called it a McGriddles sandwich? Seems so quaint now.

Since then, Jack & the Box has waffled on its breakfast sandwich and Dunkin’ Donuts has shoved bacon and eggs between two halves of a glazed donut like it’s nothin’. What’s next? The mating of a donut and a croissant?! (Oh, wait…)

And now, because a breakfast burrito doesn’t make enough sense on its own, Taco Bell is adding the waffle taco to the rapidly expanding list of options available to those who just can’t decide between savory and sweet in the morning.

Just as its name suggests, the newest addition to the Taco Bell menu consists of a sausage patty and scrambled eggs tucked into a waffle that’s been manipulated into the shape of a shell. (True story: Frying technique and temperature had to be adjusted multiple times to get that effortless fold-over look!) Syrup to drench, er, drizzle over the top comes on the side.


Source: eonline.com