Stephen Amell Spills ‘Arrow’ Spoilers

arrowAmell says he wants Team Arrow to expand and reveals it will: “Someone new does learn my identity in the first nine episodes, and certainly not someone that we would expect.” Theorize away, Arrow fans!

Of course, one of the premiere’s most memorable moments came when Oliver decided he would no longer kill his opponents in honor of his dearly departed best friend Tommy (Colin Donnell), and Amell says fans can expect the no-kill rule to actually make the fight scenes even better. “It certainly makes them meaner. In a lot of ways, an arrow to the heart is probably a little bit nicer than me using that awesome new bow that I have and punching you in the face five times because at least with an arrow to the heart it’s over quickly.”

But rules were made to be broken, and Oliver’s newly-implemented one may just come to end in the second season’s first nine episodes.


Source: E online