Spoilers: What’s Next On Walking Dead?

walking_dead_2013As you probably guessed, things don’t get better from here. Creator Robert Kirkman confirmed our fears when we chatted with him about season four. “It is escalating I guess to a certain extent, but that’s because as the characters move further and further away from civilization, they’re going to start encountering more and more dangerous people,” he tells us. “That’s not by accident.

Things do get a little bit harsher. But it’s a violent world and we have to realistically portray that or people won’t buy this story. And to that, people gots to die, I always say. And they have to die in horrific ways. So it’s going to be pretty gruesome in some ways, but it’s always about character at its core. As long as we maintain the show’s humanity, I don’t feel that we lose our way.”


Source: eonline