Sir Ian McKellen Motivates School Children With ‘Gandalf’

Sir Ian McKellen Motivates Children

With the popularity of viral videos, it is especially important to catch Sir Ian McKellen using his character ‘Gandalf’ to motivate school children. In this viral video, Sir Ian McKellen is seen behind a a window speaking to students about why it is important to do well in school.

The Mirror reports McKellen stopped by Chew Valley School in Bristol. In the video we hear McKellen ask the children “In your preparation for your examinations, if you don’t do your revision properly do you know what will happen?” He answers in character, “You shall not pass.”

With the ability of most human beings being able to use the Internet, it is important to remind ourselves what is appropriate to post. Young children are using online learning and games and it is our responsibility to continue to remind them that school work is necessary in order to succeed. Sir Ian McKellen’s short but powerful viral video is a great motivational speech to inspire the next generation.