Should Walter White and Dexter Die In Series Finale?

BreakingBad_Dexter_2013Confession: Two of TV’s most notorious anti-heroes are signing off for good and we are conflicted.
This Sunday, Dexter is finally bringing Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) killing spree to an end after eight years of murder on Showtime, and the following Sunday, Walt White’s (Bryan Cranston) reign as Heisenberg comes to a close on Breaking Bad, whose final season has been so good, it’s literally made us physically ill. (That’s a good thing, we swear.)
They lived. They sinned. They killed. They entertained and frustrated the crap out of us. But should they really die?! And do they deserve to? That is the question we are tackling today, presenting arguments for why both Dexter Morgan and Walt White deserve to die…and why they should survive!


Source: E Online