Scarlett Johansson Reveals Her SAT Scores

scarlett_jo_2013Beauty and brains? She’s the total package!

Scarlett Johansson proved in the latest issue of Interview magazine that she’s not just another pretty face, she’s got smarts on her side, too.

The actress shared her SAT score with the fashion publication and explained she didn’t do as well as she would’ve liked.

“I think the way it worked when I took them was that they were out of 1,600, so maybe you’d get a 1,240 if you were a smarty pants,” she explained. “I got a 1,080, which was pretty low. But that was probably because I didn’t answer half of the math questions.”

But it looks like ScarJo’s career trajectory took off with great success without any help from her test scores.

Source: eonline