Review Of Television Show ‘Dracula’

Dracula_2013Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an apt choice for the title role, since this Count doesn’t stray far from the thesp’s portrayal of Henry VIII in “The Tudors” — inasmuch as both are aristocratic fellows with larger-than-life, unquenchable appetites.

Set in the late 19th century, the handsome premiere opens with a slain Dracula being revived from the dead (don’t get too attached to one of the guys who helps dig him up), and promptly heading to London. There, he poses as a wealthy American industrialist named Alexander Grayson (no relation, presumably, to the latter-day barons on ABC’s “Revenge”), adopting a stiff accent as part of the charade, and proceeding to rub sometimes-pointed elbows with the moneyed Victorian elite.

As for other familiar names from the “Dracula” mythology, Grayson is interviewed by an ambitious young reporter named Jonathan Harker (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), whose fiancee, Mina (Jessica De Gouw), is a dead ringer for Dracula’s murdered beloved, whom the Order took from him centuries earlier. Showing prescience for a journalist of his time, Harker is quickly entranced by the lure of big money, drawing him, and thus Mina, into the mogul’s orbit.

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Source: Variety