Quebec City Business Leaders Want The 2030 Winter Games

Salt Lake City and Sapporo are contenders.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again and the fourth time might be a charm. Quebec City, Canada business leaders have decided they want the 2030Winter Olympics. The Quebec 2030 Coalition plans to join Salt Lake City, Utah and Sapporo, Japan in attempting to land the 2030 event. Quebec City leaders previously tried to win over the International Olympic Committee for the right to host the 2002, 2010 and 2026 winter event. The problem of the initial three bids was the lack of suitable nearby mountains that are needed for ski events. The Quebec City area has a lot of snow in February but no new mountains have materialized since the mid-1990s when Quebec business and political leaders first dreamed of hosting a Winter Olympics.

Quebec City and Lake Placid, New York kicked the tires about a joint 2026 presentation to the International Olympic Committee. The Quebec City committee thought Calgary could host ski events. The bid went nowhere. Lake Placid has existing facilities from the 1932 and 1980 Winter Games. Lake Placid is not part of the 2030 bid. With Salt Lake City in the running, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee would not support Lake Placid being part of a Quebec attempt. The Quebec 2030 Coalition claims there are more than 40 “financial and service partners,” more than 440 people from the business community, more than 562 business leaders, and 29 Quebec athletes backing them but there is no indication of local political support. The 2030 Olympics host city will be announced in 2023 and the IOC will probably keep the local taxpayers have to pay for cost overruns clause in any contract and that has become a deal breaker. The IOC has had problems attracting bidders recently but that has changed as cities and countries are interested in the Games.

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