Paparazzi Call 7-Year-Old Suri Cruise The B-Word

OK, who’s the real child here?

A paparazzo, apparently annoyed that Suri Cruise didn’t flash him a big smile as mom Katie Holmes escorted her and a little pal toward their waiting SUV in New York, can be heard on video calling the 7-year-old a “little brat” and a “bitch” as they climbed into their car.

And this was after Holmes was actually pretty nice to the photographers that were amassed outside!

In the video obtained by Fishwrapper, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife smiles and gives a little wave to the paparazzi as she heads down the steps with Suri and another girl.

“Hold on, she’s with a kid,” a man’s voice can be heard, warding off pen-wielding autograph-seekers.