OUTCAST: New Horror from Kirkman & Azaceta


To unleash the full details on the project, Image hosted a press call with Kirkman, and CBR News was on hand as “Outcast” was unveiled to the world.

“I’ve been working in TV for a while, but I still love comics, and it’s still my main focus,” Kirkman said at the top of call for what he said was “Outcast” – his first monthly horror series since launching “Walking Dead.” He said that the book is a riff on the exorism/demonic possession genre about “Kyle Barnes [who] has been plagued by demonic possessions his entire life, and he’s decided that he’s going to dive deeper into what’s been occurring to him…and try to figure out what it is he’s been experiencing.” Along the way, he starts to realize that the things that have threatened him his whole life also threaten the entire world. “It’s a big, epic story,” Kirkman said.

The writer went on to say that the exorcism genre is “open to a dramatic, realistic interpretation” and in the same vein of his zombie epic can be a series of tropes which he can hang deeper character stories on. “We’ll be injecting some new elements to that and doing some cool character work and really playing with the genre.”

Source: Kiel Phegley, CBR