Modern Family Lives Up To Best Comedy

modernfamily_emmy_2013The always enjoyable (and constantly Emmy-winning) comedy is back for season 5, and it’s off to a strong start.

The first half-hour, “Suddenly, Last Summer,” tugged at heartstrings with Mitch and Cam’s storyline, as they find out they can finally marry (insert baby Fulgencio vomiting here). Sure, it pulled the usual antics with competing proposals, and Gloria and Claire as Cam and Mitch’s wingwomen, respectively (Claire, in particular, seemed overjoyed to rattle off manipulative proposal ideas to a horrified Mitch). But the payoff, with Mitch and Cam saying “Yes” in unison, forgave the bumps along the way. I don’t know about you, but the moment nearly made me “sob like a Tony winner,” to quote Mitch.

Manny and Jay’s plot felt just as poignant. Jay spends most of the first episode trying to make sure Manny goes through with his visit to Colombia because, as Jay says, “If he doesn’t go to Colombia, Colombia comes to me.” (The flashback to Gloria’s swath of family members meeting Jay at the airport echoed the red carpet appearance of Sofia Vergara’s posse of guests at the Emmys, but maybe that’s just me. Either way, it was a good laugh.) Of course, Manny goes through with the trip and, in typical Manny fashion, leaves behind the sweetest note for Gloria, reminding her to “take care of Jay.” Modern Family never fails at being touching.


Source: Entertainment Weekly