Mark Waid Bashes Unprofessional Conduct In The Comic Book Industry


Veteran comic book writer Mark Waid took a sledge-hammer to unprofessional conduct in the comic book industry and gives emotional support to new creators in an open letter to young freelancers published Wednesday on

An open letter to young freelancers:
What I see a lot of freelancers going through today in the work-for-hire arena is just unreal, and the horror stories of personal and professional abuse I’m hearing from the trenches on a regular, almost-daily basis are mind-blowing to me–not only because I’m sympathetic, but because every single one of their experiences is utterly antithetical to the creative process.

Waid is best known for his work on “The Flash,” the limited series “Kingdom Come,” “Daredevil” and “Captain America.” An outspoken voice in the industry Waid earned critical acclaim for his work at BOOM!Studios with “Irredeemable” and “Incorruptible.”

Waid’s current project is “Insufferable” and can be found at Thrillbent a free digital comics website.