Mark Wahlberg To Appear In ‘Entourage’ Movie?

marc_2013Seeing in the Mark Wahlberg Entourage movie would be perfection, but will it happen?

The executive producer of the hit HBO series caught up with E! News during the premiere of his film Lone Survivor in Hollywood last night, and talked about whether or not he’ll be making a cameo in the flick. But not before sharing that he’s just as happy as the fans to see the popular TV show finally make it’s way to the big screen.

“Sometimes you gotta will things to happen and sometimes you gotta wait. But, the fan base has always demanded it,” Wahlberg told us. “Every time I went out to promote a movie or talk about a project that I had, people were always asking about Entourage.”

So will we see his face onscreen, too?

“Maybe, if they want me. I certainly don’t demand that I need to be in it and I’m just happy that the story is being told and that it’s coming to the big screen because I know people have wanted it for a long time.”

Source: E Online