Macaulay Culkin: The Latest Internet Death Hoax

Macaulay Culkin Is Alive

Once again, another celebrity had fallen under the death hoax this weekend; his name Macaulay Culkin, the child star from Home Alone. While it is never funny to joke about one’s death, rather then reacting to the news in a sour manner, Culkin joined in hoax and mocked the subject. He did so by posing from the 1980’s classic movie, Weekend At Bernie’s.

Here is the photo Culkin chose to post on Twitter and Instagram this evening.

A fan of the Pizza Underground band even posted a tweet of Culkin’s first words when he appeared on stage.

The rumor began around Saturday night when some had speculated he had been found dead at the his apartment in New York City. With Culkin posting the photos online, it helped dispel the rumors. At least Macaulay Culkin has a good sense of humor about the unfortunate mishap.