Luke Evans Talks Losing 26 Pounds

Luke_Evans_2013Luke Evans may be talking about wearing a miniskirt inside the December issue of Men’s Health, but the 34-year-old Hobbit hottie is still making us swoon.

The 34-year-old Welsh actor looks handsome as ever in the publication’s cover shot, showing off his bulging biceps in an army green T-shirt and jeans while opening up about his workout routine, the scariest moment in his acting career and the reason why you won’t find him on social media.

After a decade on stage, Evans made the tough transition to film, and the actor recalls being thrown onto the set of the 2010 flick Clash of the Titans, feeling utterly clueless.

Just over one year later, the Raven stud starred alongside Henry Cavill as Zeus in Immortals, a role which required Evans to shed 26 pounds.

“I had to be basically naked, wearing a miniskirt for the whole film,” he said of his reason for dropping the weight.

Source: Eonline