Kids React to Walkman Technology with Shock & Horror

For most adults in the year 2014, the age before iPhones and Shazam and Spotify conjures a warm glow of nostalgia. For most elementary schoolers, it sounds like a time of cruel and unusual punishment. In their latest installment of their “Kids React” Youtube series, TheFineBros assemble their gang of youngsters and present them with a strange relic, the Walkman, and let the cameras roll for their hilarious responses.

Upon first encountering the unorthodox object, 9-year-old Krischelle first thinks it’s a phone, smiling with excitement. Then she realizes her mistake: “Oh, what is this thing?” Meanwhile, 11-year-old Jayka takes the device and starts pressing random buttons – probably hoping that Siri will tell her where the appropriate start-up app is located. Another excellent reaction comes from 13-year-old Derek, who fumbles the Walkman like a Rubik’s cube.