Justin Bieber’s Weekend In Brazil Not That Wild After All?

Justin_Bieber_2013Justin Bieber’s weekend apparently wasn’t that wild.

Multiple sources tell E! News that the 19-year-old visited a Rio de Janeiro nightclub called Centauros and we’ve heard that two female employees left with him and his entourage—but we’re also told that the club isn’t an actual brothel, as some media outlets have chosen to label the place.

It’s more like an “old-fashioned gentleman’s club,” a source describes the scene to E! News. “It is not over-the-top nice, but it isn’t sleazy, either. It has a dance floor. For what it is, it is high end and it’s not cheap to get in there. There is an entrance fee. Playboy types go there and local businessmen and tourists.”

Centauros is “like a bar and club [combined],” the club source adds. “The girls that work there—some have clothes on and some kinda don’t…They are all in there to make money. They don’t work for the club.”

For the record, the legal drinking age in Brazil is 18 and prostitution, should any such transaction have occurred inside the club among its patrons, is legal to engage in at the age of 18 and older as well.

Source: E! News