Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ ‘Dracula’ Salary Delayed

Jonathan_Rhys_Meyers_2013Dracula star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is one of the industry’s more troubled talents. So NBC created a financial incentive for the actor to complete filming all 10 episodes of the series this summer in Budapest.

According to sources, the network withheld a substantial part of Rhys Meyers’ compensation — estimated at $100,000 an episode — until filming was finished. Rhys Meyers, 36, whose struggles with substance abuse plagued his previous series, Showtime’s The Tudors, required increased scrutiny before NBC would sign off on casting him in Dracula. So the Irish actor received per diem payments and other small dispensations, but the lump sum of his salary was contingent on him completing the season.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter