‘Guardians’ Star Chris Pratt Is On The Rise

Hollywood’s A-list is a very tough club to crack, and membership is limited to stars of vast appeal with worldwide fame. Chris Pratt may soon get his invitation to join.

“I think Chris is the biggest actor in the world, it’s just people don’t know it yet,” said James Gunn, director of the new action-adventure movie “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which features Pratt in the lead role.

Chris Pratt plays the film’s wisecracking space cowboy Peter Quill (aka “Star-Lord”) who is as deadly accurate with a one-liner as he is with his trusty “element gun.”

“He’s got that old-time charm of Gary Cooper,” Gunn said. “He’s got the vulnerability of a very modern actor. He’s a big masculine guy that can definitely beat the crap out of any other movie star out there. … There’s nobody else out there like him.”

Nobody else his age, perhaps.

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