Glee’s Touching Tribute Leaves Unanswered Question

‘Glee’ fans finally got their chance to say goodbye to Finn Hudson in last night’s one-hour tribute episode to actor Cory Monteith who died July 13 of a heroin and alcohol overdose. Viewers were told within the first 10 minutes of the episode titled ‘The Quarterback’ that Hudson’s cause of death was not going to be revealed.  As Kurt, Chris Colfers’ character, put it, “Everyone wants to talk about how he died too, but who cares. One moment in his whole life — I care more about how he lived.” Monteith’s character was still a recurring character on the show when he died during Glee’s summer hiatus. His death or absence was not mentioned in the first two episodes of the season. The episode didn’t take the traditional route of wrapping up a character’s storyline. Instead it celebrated the life of the character and the actor through heart-wrenching dialogue and songs including a rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ from Monteith’s on and off screen girlfriend Lea Michele. The episode also included a PSA read by several of the actors addressing drug addiction. Writer and producer Michael Hitchcock tweeted that 100% of the profits made from the sales of the ‘Quarterback’ music would go to Project Limelight, a Canadian theater camp that Monteith supported.

Some of the cast took to twitter during the show to address the fans and the episode.