The Fringe Talks Weird Al, Finding Music and More

Weird Al

The Fringe started out today talking about Weird Al’s new album titled “Mandatory Fun.” Weird Al is now No. 1 on the top 200 for the first time in his career. Kevin Martin, the lead singer of Candlebox joined the show to talk about his band.

Michael Lombardo hosts his usual “Name that State” segment to kick off the second hour. Corine Clement joined us for “Jarring Questions.”

And as usual, The Mole joined us at the bottom of the second hour to discuss where people tend to find their music. Some stats are shocking. He also discusses how artists tend to put out new music now a days. The Mole also shared his thoughts on the sales of the new Weird Al album. Don talks to The Mole about what the current No. 1 song is on the Billboard Top 200.

Listen to hour 1:

Listen to hour 2: