Everything We Know About the Upcoming Death on the Nile Movie

The follow-up to Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, in which Branagh once again plays the iconic Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot, is set for release in the United States on February 11, 2022. Death on the Nile is based on the classic 1937 Agatha Christie whodunnit novel of the same name. Although we have almost a year to wait until the much-anticipated movie hits the silver screen, we already know several interesting things about the upcoming film.

The Direction, Writing, and Filming of Death on the Nile

As with Death on the Nile’s predecessor Murder on the Orient Express, Kenneth Branagh is directing the film as well as starring in it. The screenplay was written by Michael Green, who is well known for writing the screenplays for Blade Runner 2049, Alien: Covenant, Logan, and Murder on the Orient Express. The principal photography of the movie began in September 2019, and filming took place at England’s Longcross Studios. Filming then moved to Morocco, despite the movie being set in Egypt. Well-known Egyptian sites like the Temple of Abu Simbel were recreated.

The Movie’s Plot

Egypt has long been a favorite destination for big-budget movies, from old classics like Cleopatra to modern gems like The Mummy.  With such a rich history, it is easy to see why Egypt still fascinates people. It is not only films that are based in the historical country. Video games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and slot games like book of dead are also hugely popular. So, Egypt is the perfect setting for a mystery thriller like Death on the Nile. The story of the movie begins with Poirot vacationing in Egypt. However, the detective with the big mustache soon finds that he has little time to enjoy his holiday. While Poirot is on board a luxury cruise on the river Nile, a wealthy heiress called Linnet-Ridgeway Doyle is murdered.  Of course, Poirot soon forgets about his vacation and instead spends his time trying to identify the killer from a multitude of suspects. Could the murder be the wealthy Marie van Schuyler? Perhaps it is Linnet’s fiancé Simon? Poirot is bound to catch the right man or woman by the end of the movie, but you are sure to have lots of fun trying to guess who the murderer is.

The Stars of Death on the Nile

One of the best things about Murder on the Orient Express was the star-studded cast, and Death on the Nile is following the trend with a cast of popular and respected actors. The many stars include Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot, Call Me By Your Name’s Armie Hammer, Black Panther’s Letitia Wright, and Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie. There are lots of notable British actors too, including Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, and Russell Brand. Tom Bateman also reprises his role from Murder on the Orient Express as Poirot’s friend Bouc. Bollywood star Ali Fazal and living-legend Annette Benning also star in Death on the Nile.

The Trailer

Now that there is a trailer for Death on the Nile available, we can have a better idea of what the movie will look and feel like. Judging by the trailer, it looks set to be a thrilling film with epic backdrops. Indeed, the lush visuals, stunning production, and authentic-looking costumes are as much of a pull as the star-studded cast. The trailer begins with a shot of the incredible Giza Pyramids drenched in a golden sunset. If a trailer is an indicator of how good a movie will be, we are betting Death on the Nile is going to be one of the most impressive films of 2022.