Ebola Soon To Be A TV Series


Ebola Topic On TV Screens

With many people worrying about the Ebola virus, is it really appropriate to bring the controversial topic to our television screens? Well like it or not, the Ebola topic is in the process of becoming a T.V. series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, director-producer Ridley Scott and producer Lynda Obst are creating this limited series based off of 1994 nonfiction novel The Hot Zone.

Before the recent Ebola outbreak, the idea had apparently been in the process for more then a few decades ago but never got picked up. Ebola has managed to kill 4,400 approximately in West Africa, and at least one victim in the United States and two nurses who contracted the virus from handling the patient in Texas. Many fear the disease will continue to spread after several incidents that occurred this week with one of the nurses who flew on a flight on Frontier Airlines to Cleveland and tested positive for Ebola the next day.

Obst tells THR“I think it’s the speed with which it kills that makes the disease so frightening. People hoped it would stay in some remote part of the world. But that’s a fantasy in the modern world. The modern world makes us one big connected family.”

How do you feel about an Ebola T.V. series coming to the small screen?