‘Die Hard’ Power Rankings

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5. Live Free or Die Hard – (released 2007, made $134,529,403)

This Die Hard movie made the most money ,was the worst of the bunch and brought the series down to a PG-13 rating. John McClane has to save his daughter from cyber-terrorist with a cameo by a really fat Kevin Smith.

4. A Good Day To Die Hard – (released 2013)

Without even seeing this film it will be better than the last. McClane in Russia and we get our R-rating back!! Bring back the cold war.

3. Die Hard 2: Die Harder (released 1990, made $117,540,947)

Go home and watch this film right now! After watching this Die Hard you will realize how times have changed in 23-years. The bonus of this film is the writer (Steven E. de Souza- Die Hard, Commando, Six Million Dollar Man) turns John McClane’s personality up to 11. This film is one over the top one-liner after another.

2. Die Hard: With A Vengeance – (released 1995, made $100,012,499)

McClane goes back to his New York City roots and Samuel L. Jackson gives this film several WTF moments. This film does try to make you figure out riddles, who wants to think during an ACTION-MOVIE?

1. Die Hard – (released 1988, made $83,008,852)

This once epic 80’s action movie is now a Christmas classic?! Generation X is out of control.