Daniel Radcliffe On Nude Scenes

Daniel_Radcliffe_2013Daniel Radcliffe is best known for playing boy wizard Harry Potter, but there’s something else he’s getting a reputation for – taking off his clothes.

The actor, who shocked fans when he appeared naked on Broadway in Equus in 2008, has stripped down in three movies this year – and shared a bathtub with Jon Hamm on TV – but he told Ellen DeGeneres on Friday that his nude streak was “not intentional.”

“I’m comfortable with it, but I do like to point out, I don’t request it,” he jokes.

“You do take your clothes off a lot,” DeGeneres teased. “In a lot of things.”

“They’re jobs,” Radcliffe, 24, clarified, adding that he doesn’t strip off in public “in stores [and] places I go.”

Source: People