Cute Kids Mock Congressional Climate Change Deniers

Kids Speak Out About Climate Change

The nonpartisan group Only One Climate recently created a video (seen below) starring young children who quote congressional deniers regarding the climate changes. The viral video features the kids dressed in professional outfits with various backgrounds repeating these congressional people.

The Only One Climate mission is to try to get young voters from ages 18-34 to come out and vote on this year’s election on November 4th. On their website, they have a voters registration in order to promote their cause and can help these young voters by each state for the registration process.

The reason to push the young voters is because “only 40% of our generation who vote in presidential election years bother to vote in mid-term years” according the Only One Climate website.

The website also states that in this year’s election, 36 Senate seats and all 435 House of Representatives will be opened.

In addition, the Only One Climate writes, “Because we are young and will live a long time, our generation has the most to lose as climate change worsens.”

Learn more about Only One Climate and how you can register to vote this year!