Britney Spears Taking A Break From Music

britney_spearsThe 31-year-old singer recently sat down with BBC Radio 1 to discuss her new record “Britney Jean” and to take a look back at her illustrious career.

“It’s very exciting, and this album is different from any other album I’ve done,” Spears told BBC Radio 1. “It’s very moody and electric and different so, it’s pretty cool. It’s really nerve-racking cause you spend so much time on it and you’ve been really dedicated to this album… So it’s like my baby coming to life.”

Asked whether she expected that she would reach an eighth album in her career, Spears responded, “No I never did, I never felt that,” before adding, “Never in my wildest dreams… I’ll take a break after this one for a while.”


Source: Huffington Post