Batman VS. Superman: Start Filming In February 2014

Batman_Superman_Comic_2013Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale may be done with Batman, but much like screenwriter David S. Goyer, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises producer Charles Roven is set for a second spell with the Caped Crusader when Batman vs. Superman hits cinemas in 2015, and Roven – who also produced this year’s Man of Steel – has offered up a few words about the upcoming sequel during an interview with Variety.

“We wanted a guy who had a certain age and a certain gravitas to what he had done in terms of his recent work,” states Roven on the controversial casting of Ben Affleck as Batman: “If you take a look at The Town and Argo, he plays a couple of serious guys in those movies. He’s a big man. He’s also a mature man. As you see him and Henry Cavill [Superman] together, one definitely has much more experience just by looking at him. That’s what we wanted, particularly juxtaposed against our Superman.”

Source: Flickering Myth