Archie Andrews, Hero of Archie Comics, to Die in “Life With Archie”

The lives and adventures of Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and the rest of the Riverdale gang have graced the racks of supermarket check-out lines and comic book stores since 1941. Archie Comics CEO, Jon Goldwater announced this morning that in issue #36 of the series “Life With Archie”, Archie will die after sacrificing himself to save the life of a friend. The issue will hit stands in July.

In an interview with CNN, Goldwater said he will die in a way that aligns with the heroic way Archie lived his life. “Well, it was hard decision, there’s no doubt about it. It’s not something we took lightly,” Goldwater said.

There have been moments earlier in this series where multiple realities were presented regarding Archie’s future life. Multiple story lines showed Archie marrying Veronica in one and Betty in the other, ending the long-time love triangle. Goldwater explained to CNN that his death in this manner is the conclusion for both realities.

The conclusion of the series will be the following issue, #37, where time will jump forward a year to show how the gang has coped with Archie’s death.

Archie will live on in other Archie comic series where he remains a teenager in Riverdale, but “Life With Archie” focused more on his adult life.