Andrew Lincoln Warns ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans

the_walking_dead_4“I love this story arc,” said Lincoln. “You wait and see where it heads. It puts far more pressure on the group, and something terrible happens within this story arc that divides the group irrevocably.”

Lincoln also discussed the change in tone and pacing that can be felt with new showrunner Scott M. Gimple now in charge. “I would say that every character has a very neat and very satisfying story arc this season,” says the star. “The theme could be summed up as a question, which is: Can we ever come back? Can we ever return from the things we’ve done? The brutality of the world? The horrors that we’ve seen? Can we ever love again? Can we ever be the people we once were for the sake of our children, in Rick’s case? But that is interwoven into everybody’s story arcs.”